What’s the Best Oil for Lawnmower Maintenance?

Choosing the best oil for lawnmower maintenance is essential for keeping a nice lawn year round. Green spaces have a positive impact on your psychology and are just pleasant to look at. Sometimes, a great lawn is the best part of summer vacation! But it takes work to keep a beautiful green space. Having a quality lawnmower is step one, but what about maintaining it?

Oil is an essential ingredient for keeping a happy engine. When it comes to two-stroke engines, which combine fuel and oil, the right oil makes a huge difference. Using the right type can mean the difference between having to repair your mower and being able to mow your lawn any time you want.

What’s the Best Oil for Lawnmower Maintenance?

Before deciding on the best oil for lawnmower maintenance, you’ll need to know how often to replenish it. As a general rule, your oil should be replaced every 20 to 50 hours of lawnmower use. If you have a small yard, you may only need to change it once a year. But even if you aren’t replenishing the oil often, doing it right is crucial.

There are two types of oil you can use in your lawnmower, and the right type will depend on the capacity, type, and size of your mower. The climate you live in also makes a difference for the type of oil you’ll use. For example, if you live in a hot climate, choosing an oil designed to withstand a wide temperature range may be helpful. Here are some factors to keep in mind.

Regular motor oil doesn’t always work

Contrary to what some believe, using regular motor oil isn’t always the best oil for lawnmower maintenance. Small engine oil might be the only type of oil you should use in your mower. The best way to determine the best oil for lawnmower maintenance is reading the manufacturer’s specifications.

Motor oil works for four-cycle motors, which are common in riding lawnmowers, large mowers, and push mowers. You can find motor oil at almost any gas station, auto parts store, or hardware store. You should only use small engine oil for two-cycle motors, commonly found in older or smaller machines. This type of mower is good for sloped terrains with a lot of hills.

How to tell when to change the oil

A new mower might require an oil change after using it for five hours, but check your manual to find out for sure. Apart from that, a smaller motor might require a change every 25 hours of use, and larger motors might need an oil replacement after every 50. Factors like rough terrain, dirt, and extreme dust can all impact how frequently you need to change your oil since these conditions make your engine work harder. Check the oil level in your mower with a dipstick before you use the mower and try to change it every spring before your first mow. Also, be sure to find the best oil for lawnmower care.

What to Consider When You’re Changing Your Lawnmower Oil

What do you need to remember when you change your motor oil? Let’s look at some key points for you.

Brand names aren’t important

Although your mower manual will likely recommend using the same brand of oil as the mower, it’s not actually necessary. Just check that the oil you use is formulated specifically for lawnmower use and you’ll be fine.

Two-stroke vs. lawnmower vs. automotive oil

If you’re using a two-stroke mower, use two-stroke oil with gasoline as the manufacturer recommends. Never use regular mower oil with a two-stroke engine. Instead, find an oil acceptable for service SJ, SH, SG, or SF.

Choosing the correct viscosity

The best oil for lawnmower maintenance will have the appropriate viscosity to lubricate your engine. The first viscosity, SAE 30, is good for the regular mowing season. The second type, 10W-30 works better for cold weather, so choose accordingly.

Oil additives

You’ll notice a lot of oil types with additives in the automotive warehouse or big box store, but you shouldn’t use these in your mower. These products only work for large engines and may even harm smaller engines. Again, checking the manual for your lawnmower is the best way to figure out the best oil for lawnmower care.

Extra Maintenance Tips for Your Lawnmower

People have been appreciating lawns over the course of history. Whether you’re getting a professional tune-up or sharpening your blades, follow these simple maintenance tips for a good result.

Always remember to drain the gas once the mowing season ends and replace it before a new mowing season. Monitor the oil in your lawnmower and look for black oil or floating debris. Always drain and replace contaminated or old oil. Grass can clog the discharge chute in your mower, so check the undercarriage and scrape any clippings from that area.

Don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug before you clear away this debris. A dirty or clogged air filter can put stress on your mower and make it burn gas less efficiently. Replacement air filters don’t cost a lot, so try to replace it each year.

Ready to Wow Your Neighbors With Your Lawn?

Now, you should know how to pick the best oil for lawnmower maintenance. While you should be able to keep your lawnmower in working order yourself, it doesn’t hurt to consult a professional every once in a while. A lawnmower repair center can perform diagnostic tests, replace your filter, and drain old gas from the machine. Try to take your mower in to be looked at before mowing season starts so you can get it back fast. Now that you know what you need to do to keep your lawn beautiful — get to it!