The Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Care to Keep It Green

As if cleaning up after your pooch wasn’t enough of a chore, now it seems that you have to clean up after every other dog in the neighborhood! Once your lawn becomes a popular stopping point for every passing pup, it isn’t long before you’re looking for the best dog repellent for lawn care.

Even if you love dogs, they’re not so cute when you have to carefully navigate your own yard after dusk with a flashlight and a hopeful frame of mind. Putting out the trash bins becomes more of an adventure than you ever bargained for. Luckily there are a few strategies you can take to help prevent dogs from entering your yard. And best of all, they won’t hurt the dogs in any way and won’t damage any of your landscape plants.

Why You Need the Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Care

While the occasional visit doesn’t do much damage, it never ends with just one. Once a passing dog marks your property by urinating on the grass, every other dog around feels the need to chime in. It’s sort of like social media for dogs: all the other dogs feel compelled to “like” the first dog’s post.

Over time, the buildup of excess nitrogen can damage your grass. Along with that, stray dogs will become attracted to your property. These dogs aren’t on leashes and may start rummaging through your trash cans and digging up flower beds.

You may also have to use the best dog repellent for lawn and gardens to prevent your own pets from marking or digging up flowers. Or even worse — vegetable beds. A mild deterrent will help your pooch form better habits. And sometimes, that’s in their best interests. Some of the most beautiful landscape plants can prove toxic to pets.

Types of Dog Repellents

Dog deterrents for lawns usually fall into three basic categories. The first are sprays and scents that repel them because of their sensitive noses. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. According to the ex-director of the Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University, a dog’s sense of smell is at least 10,000 times more acute than that of a human’s.

The second type of common dog deterrent generally uses an audible signal to annoy the dog. Again, a dog’s sense of hearing surpasses that of humans. Dog’s have three times the frequency range we do. Although we enjoy a range from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, dogs can hear from around 40 to 60,000 Hertz.

Lastly, some dog deterrents simple startle the wayward pets. After a few uncomfortable run-ins with a motion-activated sprinkler, for example, the dog may be less likely to stray into your yard. Snap traps work on the same premise, as do “shock collars.”

How We Determined Which Was the Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Use

Having recently obtained new neighbors with a rather unpleasant dog, we were keen to discover which type of dog deterrent would work best. While the dog remains safely behind his own fence, his bad attitude carries throughout the neighborhood. His favorite tactic for defending his territory is attempting to chew through his chain link fence while growling menacingly and implying your jugular vein is next.

With the hope of finding something that would make him avoid the fence, we began searching for the best dog repellent for lawn and garden use. We needed something to spray on the fence, or some audible trigger, that would make him avoid harassing us on our side of the fence.

We consulted with a number of expert publications for safe and effective strategies. Of course, we didn’t want to hurt the dog in any way. And we also consulted user reviews for the array of commercial products looking for those that seemed most effective and least harmful.

What You Should Know About Choosing the Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Care

Before purchasing any products, it’s a good idea to manage your expectations. Dogs, like people, differ in personality and tolerance. While one dog might shrink in horror if sprayed by an automatic sprinkler, another dog might delight at the prospect (and even learn to set it off intentionally). Spray products can also deteriorate quickly over time, which means you’ll need to reapply them frequently. For these reasons, the best dog deterrent for lawn care may actually be a system of repellents that utilizes all of these strategies.

The Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Care

Our research turned up just a few products that both users and experts say will keep dogs from entering your property. Listed in no particular order, the most successful strategy – which works for all animal invaders – seems to be the “shock and awe” technique. Scare the heck out of them; repeat as necessary.

Duronom Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

The Duranom Ultrasonic Animal Repeller uses a host of techniques for deterring animals from your property. It includes flashing lights to scare them away, sonic tones to startle them, and ultrasonic noise to pester them off the property. The unit has a 110-degree range of up to 9 meters distance. Although it doesn’t hurt animals, they will certainly find it unpleasant to be around.

It features several settings to repel a broad range of pests, including dogs, rodents, and birds. You can also set it up on “sweep” mode, where it runs through all of its repertoire of frequencies to deter all pest animals.

It has a bright flashing LED light to scare off dogs, along with emitting an ultrasonic tone. It features a motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity, so it doesn’t go off when your neighbor’s newspaper hits the driveway. Best of all, it’s solar powered with a rechargeable battery backup. The unit sets up in just a few minutes with no extra wiring.

You can find the Duranom animal repeller on Amazon where it enjoys a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from buyers. The price ranges from $39 to $40, depending on where you purchase it, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Water Blaster Animal Repellent

The Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Water Blaster is a super-sensitive motion detector that sets off a powerful blast of water to repel animal incursions into your yard. You hook it up to your garden hose and set the water blaster to stun. The sprayer is adjustable, and Hoont claims it uses very little water. The Hoont Cobra sends a 5-second blast of water up to 30 feet. It also resets itself, so you don’t have to worry that it’s a one-and-done sprinkler.

The motion detector range is about 120 degrees up to 30 feet, so it monitors an area of about 650 square feet. The motion detector works day or night, regardless of light levels. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to install. If you can hook up a garden hose to a sprinkler, you’ve got this. You can also use them in tandem to cover a wider range, as each unit has two hose connections. The worse thing about this harmless dog repellent is that it does tie up one of your outdoor hoses and hose bibbs.

You can purchase this product on Amazon or from Walmart, where it received a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pricing for one unit ranges from $30 to $40, and it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer

This animal repellent looks like it means business. This motion-activated sprinkler combines spray, noise, and motion to scare off animals. With both heat and motion activation, it senses up to 40 feet away. You can also connect additional sprinklers for extra coverage.

It features two separate settings: day and night detection. This way, it isn’t set off by random motion by birds landing in your yard. The deterrent has a 120-degree coverage angle up to 40 feet away. And unlike many other sprinkler repellents, you can also set this one on a timer to water your lawn for a full 360 degrees, so it’s two products in one.

One downside of the Orbit 62100 is that it’s a bit pricier than the others. Single units can run from $60 to $90, depending on where you shop. You can purchase it from Amazon or Home Depot, where it gained a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars from customers.

The Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Care Using Scent

We looked into several commercial formulas that promised to be the best dog repellent for lawn and garden use. We gave one brand a try. Note that we’ve used their other organic lawn chemicals and have nothing but good things to say about them. Unfortunately, their dog repellent did not fall into this category.

We chose the product that featured natural pepper and spice oils. Then, we discovered later that the same manufacturer makes another animal repellent that includes “dried blood” and “putrescent egg solids.” Unfortunately, neither formula has received glowing customer testimonials

Also, unfortunately, we found this to be the case for all the commercially available dog repellents formulas. They just don’t seem to work. And they’re unreasonably expensive considering you constantly need to reapply them. The brand we tried rated only 2.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 39 percent giving it one star. We found that using about half of the $7 container worked for about four hours. After that, the effect seemed to have worn off completely. And I have to state that this was the best dog repellent for lawn care using odor deterrents according to the ratings on Amazon.

So, you won’t find any of these “scented” products on this list. It seems to us that they contain mundane ingredients that you can find easier and cheaper in your own kitchen.

Best Dog Repellents for Lawn Use You Can Make

We can’t guarantee that these will all work for your particular situation. However, considering the low cost of the materials and their ease of access, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention them. Note that these are not permanent measures – you’ll need to reapply them frequently, especially after it rains. And as stated above, each dog is different and may not be repelled by the scent of one of these. In that case, try another formula.


Ammonia is an odor deterrent effective against dogs and people alike. Mark the area around your yard, especially near where dogs visit, with simple household ammonia. Ammonia can harm your plants the same way that dog urine can, so we recommend that instead of spraying it directly on your lawn, you soak small pieces of dark cloth to leave around the forbidden zone. Choose green or tan to blend in with your lawn.


Dogs also find vinegar unpleasant as well. Along with providing its own nose-scouring scent, it can also help destroy the odors left by previous canine visitors. White vinegar is the least expensive solution. It’s also an effective weed-killer, so try soaking pieces of fabric.


According to experts, dogs dislike the scent of citrus fruits. While I’ve never noticed our dog avoiding fallen fruit from our Seville orange tree, she’s never confused them with a tennis ball, either. You can use lemon ammonia or put citrus peels in your garden beds to keep dogs out of them or prevent your own dog from digging. Citrus peels may be hard to hide in your green grass, so you may want to soak fabric pieces in citrus oil you derive from the peels. You can also purchase orange oil inexpensively, and the best part is that it also makes an excellent homemade cleaning solution.


Some people advocate the use of cayenne pepper or pepper spray as the best dog repellent for lawn protection. Pepper has the advantage of leaving your plants undamaged. There won’t be any long-term damage to the dog, either, but it can prove to be very painful for the animal. You can also sprinkle plain black pepper in your grass to deter dogs. However, we suggest you try the other formulas above first before resorting to pepper. Save cayenne pepper for the most determined pooch or when safety is an issue. Pepper may be the best choice against an aggressive dog attacking or to prevent your own dog from chewing on a poisonous plant.

If you or your pet are in danger and need an effective repellent, you can cook up a chopped chili pepper, chopped onion, and two tablespoons of cayenne in two quarts of water until it boils. Strain the liquid and add a tablespoon of dish detergent to help it stick to the foliage. Then spray the areas you want dogs to avoid.

The Best Dog Repellent for Lawn Use May Be a System of Deterrents

We hope we’ve provided a few ideas for the best dog repellent for lawn care that you can incorporate into your gardening routine. Hopefully, it will keep your neighborhood dogs from damaging your lawn. You work hard to keep your landscaping looking good, and it’s frustrating when careless pet owners don’t keep their dogs under control. We can’t blame the dogs; they’re just doing what dogs do.

It’s also frustrating when your own dog wants to help you out in the garden by doing a little free-form digging in the back yard. A few gentle scent reminders might be enough to keep your pooch on his own side of the yard. If not, perhaps a shot of cold water across the bow is in order.

A combination of scent deterrents and scare tactics may prove to be the best dog repellent for lawn and garden protection. However, because all dogs have their own personalities and each breed has its own preferences, you may want to start with the easiest and most cost-effective method to see if that does the trick. If not, you can always escalate the battle to the next level.


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